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UNIX2DOS using Powershell

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Today I was asked to convert a file from the UNIX fileformat to the DOS fileformat.
As you probably know the format is different in the last character of each line. The DOS format ends with a carriage return (Cr) line feed (Lf) character whereas the UNIX format uses the line feed (Lf) character.
So this is a very simple task using Powershell

get-content <filename> |% {$_.replace("`n", "`r`n")} | out-file -filepath <new filename>

Remember the “%” means foreach-object. So this oneliner runs through the whole file and replaces the Lf with the CrLf character.

If you need a solution to use in a pipeline like the UNIX2DOS Unix command write a function that accepts the input from pipeline. The function looks like

function unix2dos{
param([Parameter(Mandatory=$true, ValueFromPipeline=$True)][String]$line)
begin {}
process {
$result = [string]$line.replace("`n","`r`n")
end {}

Call this function like:

get-content <filename> | unix2dos | out-file -filepath <new filename>

If you put this function in your Powershell profile, you are able to use is anytime anywhere.


Written by Thomas Pätzold

January 21, 2013 at 9:59 pm

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